Remodels involving plumbing should be done by a professional. The Plumbing Physician is Seattle’s most trusted bathroom, kitchen and laundry room remodel expert. We will work with you to get the project done to your liking. We have unparalleled experience in remodeling bathrooms, kitchens & laundry rooms. It is what we do best. From the beginning of the project to the end we will work with you to find and achieve that look you want with quality that is second to none.  If we don’t have the skill you need, chances are, we know someone that does. We are up front and honest with what your project will entail and give you the choice to call in additional experts or to tackle it yourself.

For bathroom remodels, big or small, The Plumbing Physician offers a variety of services including:

  • Shower and Tub Install (single head or multi-head / valve)
  • Steam unit Installation
  • Faucet Install
  • Sink Install
  • Toilet Install (including wall-mount)
  • Automatic washer box Install
  • Dran pan Install
  • Floor drain Install
  • Laundry tray Install
  • Waste, Sewer Connections
  • Vent installation or reroute (NOT condensate fans)

The Plumbing Physician is your reliable, local expert in the Greater Seattle area ready to help you with your bathroom, kitchen and laundry room remodel project. Call us at (425) 771-6200 or send us a message and we would be happy to serve you.