The Plumbing Physician is the plumbers plumber when it comes to copper repipe services. The Plumbing Physician has been plumbing with Copper for over 20 years in the Greater Seattle area (self employed for over 15 years). Many plumbers don’t even use copper, but we specialize in it. Other Plumbers in the Seattle and Snohomish county areas send their customers to us when they want copper pipe.

Why Use Copper Pipe?

The Best Choice for Value and Reliability

Contrary to popular belief, copper doesn’t cost much more than many plastic materials (at least not with our company). Copper is long lasting,  50+ years of reliability (with standard water). Naturally corrosion resistant. It keeps your home electrically grounded without the need to call an electrician for basic grounding. It also adds value to your home when it comes to resale value.

Did you know that approximately 95 percent of existing homes are equipped with copper plumbing?

Copper is the Safe Choice

Solvents are not used to adhere the pipe together. Copper does not give off toxic gases when heated. Copper pipe inhibits the growth of bacteria. It is environmentally friendly and a 100% recyclable material that doesn’t crack under normal use. Copper pipe is also fire resistant – it will not burn when subjected to high heat.

Do You Want Copper Pipe?

If you’re convinced like we are that copper is the best choice for your home and you’re located in the Greater Seattle, King County or Snohomish County areas, give us a call today (425) 771-6200 or send us a message for a consultation.

We can quote you a price comparison and allow you to make the decision yourself.